Licensed Landfill

For as long as we can remember, shitty licensed video games have been the silent backbone of our lives, holding up many of our most precious memories. Why are they there? How is it that almost everyone you know has played a mediocre Disney game? And what about the ones that are actually good? Let's rifle through the trash together.


There is no greater contributor to the landfill than these guys. Trust me. If you've played a licensed game, I bet it was a Disney one. Disney Interactive has been churning out hot slop since 1994 and shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Chex Quest

OK, hear me out, Chex Quest is actually amazing. It's DOOM... but cereal-themed!


We cannot think of any more despicable licensed video game experience than the Rugrats video games. Why are these so goddamn cursed? What does Tommy Pickles have against us personally? He's literally a baby. But here we are.