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Eggle [They ◐ Them]

Eggware.XYZ is a queer multimedia art collective run by three underpaid gay dudes.

Eggware.XYZ was created for the sake of making a by-queers, for-queers website that discusses more than just sexuality; we've taken care to acknowledge all identities and mindsets. These are your everyday niche topics without the heteronormative bent you'll find everywhere else.

Tying all of this together is our Egg Philosophy. What better way to represent the ephemera of life and the transition between states than with an egg? Our mascot is Eggle, a just-hatched egg that contains the autonomy to walk around on two legs, but has yet to discover who they are.

Warden [He ☾ Him]

Struggling artist and lazy slacker who will eat pizza-flavored anything, the Warden is one of those people best described as 'an eccentric'.

Warden is the lead developer for Eggware.XYZ Games and manages most of the tedious parts of the website, like crying over CSS and running around in a circle; he is usually seen doing absolutely nothing and wondering why nothing is getting done.

Tragic Backstory: Every day and night since the Warden was young, he made wishes to the Sun God to turn into a giant dog that could shoot fire from his eyes. When that dream didn't come true and the limitations of not being able to toast Pop-Tarts® with his gaze became too aggravating, he became a supervillain and vowed to cover the world in liquid latex.

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Paula [She ☉ Her]

Paula enjoys gaming, music, Combat, and weekly ritual. She has scars from the times that she has engaged in Combat with rats and lost. Her hobbies include trapping rats in boxes and watching them try to escape, looking at horses, and touching pieces of cardboard. Paula is not single, nor is she ready to mingle.

Paula is the chief writer and Keeper of the Keys for the website, protecting it from those who would curse or jinx it unfairly. She is the owner of the website and the one who must suffer the Dreamhost newsletter. Her favorite color is translucent.

Tragic Backstory: Paula once saved her cousin's life as a child by pulling him out of the way of a falling glass candlestick. He was very young and kept smacking the living room's television with his hand, and Paula detected that the candlestick sitting on top of the TV was shifting forward with every hit. She grabbed him and dragged him away right as the candlestick fell, shattering on the floor. She was rewarded with a large bag of candies.

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Dent [He ☆ Him]

Dent is a mineral and no bigger than a breadbox. It's safe to assume that he has a lot of opinions about JRPGs, big beefy boys, and the concept of getting crushed to death underneath a forklift.

As Eggware.XYZ's newest member, Dent is still finding his place, but has so much experience as a competent illustrator that we're sure he'll be able to churn out some handsome boys for us.

Tragic Backstory: Dent was once told not to eat ghee directly out of the jar.

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